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Integrative Massage at Kalimba Studio Amsterdam


Blending methods and mediums that come together to create healing, relaxing, and therapeutic massage sessions:

Swedish techniques are used to warm the muscles, increase circulation, and relieve tension, assisting the nervous system into "relaxation mode".

Deep tissue is used to help elongate muscle fibers, break up scar tissue and adhesions and access the deeper layers of the muscular system and connective tissue.

Myofascial release creates space and movement in the fascial layers that wrap around the muscle compartments, helping to relieve stiffness and pain. 

Sports massage and PNF increases circulation, releases hyper-contracted muscle, stretches tendons and mobilizes joints. 

Shiatsu, Thai and Tuina follow on principals of traditional bodywork that date back more than 5,000 years and share a holistic view of the body to create a sense of flow and deeper focus.

Complimentary allied treatments ​such as hot stones, steamed towels, cupping therapy, IR heat, essential oils (aromatherapy), sports gels, etc. are used to help get the most out of each integrative session. 



60 min / €110

  75 min / €125  

 90 min / €140

(VAT 21% is included in the price)

Zebra Butterfly

prenatal massage at kalimba 

Just as there is a holistic and integrative approach to all of our sessions, this applies to our prenatal massages as well. Our sessions are performed in a comfortable side-lying position and bolstered with cushions. Lauren is certified and experienced in prenatal massage. Please wait until week 12 to begin with prenatal massage at Kalimba Studio.

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